At our core, we’re a diverse group of pipe smokers and collectors, of all ages and levels of experience and from all walks of life – blue collar, white collar, no collar, religious, political, both and neither – in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex area of North Texas. We welcome anyone who enjoys the pipe as much as we do! Our club is relaxed, so there are no expectations as far as dues, or other duties. The main goal of the club is to have fun and give anyone looking for a group to share their love of pipes and tobaccos a place for fellowship. This group has been going since 2006 and we are as strong as ever. So if you live in the area or just passing through, we hope to meet you at a future meeting!


The North Texas Briar Club meets twice a month, on the 2nd Monday and 4th Tuesday of the month. The first meeting (on the 2nd Monday) meets in Keller at Michael’s Tobacco of Keller. The second meeting (on the 4th Tuesday) meets at one of the two Cigars International stores in the metroplex. Most months, at the CI in Fort Worth but, once a quarter, at the CI in The Colony.

Our meetings start around 6:30 pm and go until around 9 or so but there is no reason that members can’t come late or leave early. We’re informal and flexible. If there is a change in venue or date for some reason, we will let the group know via Facebook as soon as possible.

Our Story: The Evolution of Two Clubs

Once upon a time there was a Dallas Pipe Club. Hopefully there will be again. But, like a lot of clubs in the late 90s and early 2000s, it fizzled and died out. In 2006, one of the members of the now-defunct Dallas club asked pipe maker Colin Rigsby if he’d be willing to spearhead starting a new pipe club in Lewisville. Colin was game and The North Texas Briar Club was born. For the next 7 years, the NTBC met once a month in Lewisville. In 2017, a change in shop ownership prompted a move from Lewisville to Cigar Frog’s in Denton.

In 2014, Chris Dumoulin moved from Nashville, TN to Fort Worth, TX for work. Having gone to pipe club meetups in Nashville, he figured it wouldn’t matter that he didn’t know anyone in Fort Worth – he’d just find the local pipe club and start meeting folks. Much to his surprise, there wasn’t a club in Fort Worth. So he decided to start one. The Lone Star Pipe Club grew and flourished for the next 5 years, meeting at shops all over Fort Worth before finding a home at Pop’s Safari Room.

In 2015, at a pipe show hosted by the wonderful folks at Tobacco Cabana in Cedar Hill, Chris and Colin finally met each other and, over the next few years, became good friends. The clubs grew closer too, with several members moving between clubs and meetings on a month-to-month basis.

Eventually, Colin and Chris decided that having two separate clubs so close to each other didn’t make a whole lot of sense. If they combined their efforts and pooled their resources, they could accomplish so much more. In 2019, the Lone Star Pipe Club and the North Texas Briar Club merged under the NTBC banner to better serve pipe smokers across North Texas.

Now, pipe smokers in the DFW Metroplex have two chances a month to get together with each other, share a bowl, and relax. Throughout the year, we’ll meet in Keller, Fort Worth, and The Colony with a few “field trips” here and there. Check our Events section or follow us on Facebook to find out where to catch us.